History of NEPTA

As people began to travel more and the need for communication increased, on July 18, 1900 a trio of transit managers founded the New England Transit Club after envisioning the need for public transit attention. In addition to the public transit focus, the organization expanded networking opportunities and social gatherings to help form a greater voice for transit.  

Training and Education

In 1982, the New England Transit Club changed its name to the New England Passenger Transportation Association to reflect the group as a trade association to build relations, share ideas and develop new ways to improve the transit industry. Realizing continued education and development is the key to growth, under the administration of President, Walter F. Unda, the board of directors incorporated training and education into their meetings, giving members constant peer-to-peer learning and a forum to exchange interests and discuss best practices.  

Best Practices

Another trade association, the NorthEast Transit Association (NETA), formed in 1992 by Robert Lorah, General Manager of CT Transit, was responsible for developing the vendor expo which enabled members to view suppliers' products and services in one location.  

Combined Resources

Talks between the two Board of Director groups began in mid-1997 and not long after decided to combine resources, and officially merge, creating the NorthEast Passenger Transportation Association, commonly referred to as NEPTA. The first meeting was held in Boston on December 5, 1997. 

In addition to networking, training and exchange of ideas, NEPTA continues the mission to promote professionalism in the transit industry through conferences and expos; disseminate information on issues of interest within urban and rural transportation communities; and to represent the concerns of its members on issues of federal and regional interest. 

Aside from the professional benefits your NEPTA members has to offer, the association provides an opportunity to build friendships that can last a lifetime.

The NorthEast Passenger Transportation Association (NEPTA) is a non-profit association of passenger transportation professionals in the public and private sectors.

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