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An archival look at the past leadership of NEPTA, dating back to the year 1900.

    1900* Herbert E. Bradford

    1901* Herbert E. Bradford

    1902* Edward C. Spring

    1903* Herbert E. Farrington

    1904* J. Henry Nea

    1905* Edward E. Potter

    1906* Paul Winsor

    1907* Henry C. Page

    1908* Matthew C. Brush

    1909* William D. Wright

    1910* Charles H. Hile

    1911* Franklin Woodman

    1912* Thomas Lees

    1913* Elton S. Wilde

    1914* John T. Conway

    1915* Clarence E. Learned

    1916* Clark V. Wood

    1917* Albert H. Ford

    1918* Robert W. Perkins

    1919* Joseph E. Dozier

    1920* Irville T. May

    1921* Edward Dana

    1922* Albert E. Potter

    1923* Ralph D. Hood

    1924* Thomas H. Kendrigan

    1925* Louis D. Pellissier

    1926* Fred D. Gordon

    1927* Robert B. Stearns

    1928* Walter C. Slad

    1929* Harry M. Steward

    1930* Nathaniel J. Scott

    1931* Clifton B. Pierce

    1932* John B. Crawford

    1933* William B. Spencer

    1934* Maurice E.McCormick

    1935* Earnest M. Flint

    1936* Richard J. Bennett

    1937* John H. Hayes

    1938* Howard R. Whitney 

1939* John H. Walsh

1940* John H. Walsh

1941* Harold E. Potter

1942* Frank L. Kibling

1943  Dares D. Hall

1944* Harold G. Morris

1945* Harold G. Morris

1946* Raymond G. Ransom

1947* Herbert I. Sullivan

1948* Frank E. Frykstrand

1949* Thomas A. Dunbar

1950* Edward A. Pellissier

1951* J. Burton Stride

1952* Henry G. Bowen

1953  Thomas H. Buckley

1954* Leland L. Waters

1955* Ralston B. Smyth

1956  William B. Knowles

1957* Thomas E. Wilkinson

1958* Forrest W. Carroll

1959* Leon B. Garfield

1960* Kenneth Hudson

1961  Raymond A. Mara

1962* Earl R. Mortemore

1963* L. Wendell Perron

1964  William L. Fox

1965  Gustav E. Heiber

1966* James W. Powell

1967* Thomas E. McDonough

1968* William N. Bodah

1969  J. David White

1970* J. Alexander Michaud

1971* J. Alexander Michaud

1972  H. Monroe Selander

1973* Lawrence A. Anzuoni

1974  Joseph C. Kelly

1975  *Raymond W. Gareau

1976* James E. McCleary

1977  Charles W. England

1978* Harvey G. Darelius

1979  David L. Pellissier

1980  George S. Anzuoni

1981   Walter F. Unda

1982  *J. David White

1983  Eugene F. Imbriglio

1984* Edward J. Mendoza

1985  Herbert Pence

1986  William Trevitt

1987  John Medeiros

1988  Sarah deDoes

1989  Stephen Anzuoni

1990  Robert Lorah

1991  *John McDonough

1992  Richard E. Pollock

1993  Peter R. Hefler

1994  Arthur L. Handman

1995  James Carton

1996  David Lee

1997  Francis J. Gay

1998  Francis J. Gay

1999  Michael F. Blondin

2000 John Andrews

2001  John Greene

2002 John Greene

2003 Thomas Cunha

2004  Scot Lengel
2005 - 2006 Nancy Carroll

2007 *Peter Cavanaugh

2008 *Michael Sharff

2009 Christopher Anzuoni

2010  Vicki Shotland

2011 - 2012  Vicki Shotland

2013 -14 William Pellegrine

2015 -16 Vicki Shotland

2017-18 Roger Mencarini

2019-20 Michael Whitten


NorthEast Transit Association

1992-94* Robert Lorah

1995-96  Raymond J. Smith

1997       Michael F. Blondin

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NEPTA has a long history of supporting the transit industry in New England. Take a look at our past presidents through the years.


The NorthEast Passenger Transportation Association (NEPTA) is a non-profit association of transit providers, vendors and industry specialists dedicated to promoting transit issues at the local, state, regional, and national levels. Our activities are funded solely by membership participation, and we are proud to sponsor programs such as the NEPTA Scholarship Award, which is available to dependents and employees of NEPTA member organizations.



The board of directors is the governing body of the association, responsible for the direction of the management of the association. The board has full power only by consensus (majority vote of a quorum in most cases) to act for the membership on behalf of the association and shall have full power for all necessary action desirable to conduct the business of the association consistent with the current bylaws.


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