McMahon Associates Seeking Bus Transit Planner Engineer

Are you a bus transit savvy transportation professional? McMahon Associates is looking for a full-time urban-focused transportation “plan-gineer” to expand our unique bus infrastructure and transit planning practice in the New England region.

McMahon Associates is seeking a bus transit -savvy transportation professional to complement our team of multi-modal planners and engineers, committed to improving communities through transportation and community design. McMahon Associates is comprised of progressive transportation planners and engineers who are passionate about multi-modal transportation, including public transportation vehicles and riders; bicyclists; pedestrians of all ages and abilities; and vehicular safety. Our projects involve elements such as design of bus stops, transit priority lanes, and Complete Streets design. We lead projects supporting first/last mile connections to transit, Vision Zero, Transportation Demand Management (TDM), shared and micro-mobility, transit service planning, environmental sustainability and community planning. Our public sector clients include transit agencies, state departments of transportation (DOT), and municipalities. Our private sector clients include transportation management associations (TMAs), institutions and non-profit organizations.

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