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NTI announces new online course in Transportation Decisionmaking

This course isn’t just about simply accepting the public’s ideas—it’s about strengthening project decision-making, increasing creativity in problem-solving, and making sure project solutions are more durable.

This is a highly interactive course that will offer techniques to help participants acknowledge the full spectrum of stakeholders and community members; understand all stakeholders’ and community members’ interests and concerns; identify which engagement approaches are effective for all stakeholder groups; and conduct public involvement using integrative facilitation. Participants will have time to practice PI techniques and strategies in class, including opportunities to work through the issues facing their own agencies and organizations and collaborate with other learners to create strategies to successfully address these issues. Hurry, seats are limited! If you don't get into one of these sessions, please stay tuned, there is more to come in 2023!

If you have any questions about this course, please contact Amy Badaracco.


NTI is funded by a grant from the Federal Transit Administration.

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