On December 2, 2010 NEPTA announced the Richard H. Doyle Award incorporating this prestigious award into the NEPTA bylaws to recognize an individual who has played a vital role in the transportation industry, Mr. Richard H. Doyle, former Regional Administrator for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in Region 1. Mr. Doyle served at the FTA from 1981 before retiring in 2010. He was responsible for the administration of FTA's capital, operating and planning programs in the New England region and providing technical assistance to grantees and state, local and private sector officials on a wide range of transportation issues affecting urban and rural transportation. Mr. Doyle joined the USDOT in 1970 as a transportation intern and in 1971 began his career with the FTA. He held a series of positions with FTA's Grant Development Office in Washington, DC prior to his transfer to Boston, Ma.

Mr. Doyle served as Secretary of Transportation's Regional Emergency Transportation Coordinator (RETCO) for Regions 1 & 2 with responsibilities for coordinating the Department of Transportation response with FEMA and state officials following a disaster or national emergency. Mr. Doyle has held many appointed positions such as FTA's Gulf Team Leader and has been awarded numerous performance and honor awards including the Secretary's Gold Metal Award and the George Rucker Memorial Award for Legislative Achievement. 

Mr. Doyle has been a long standing NEPTA supporter, offering conference sessions alongside the FTA staff during biennial events and being available to offer guidance to the organization and members. NEPTA created the Richard H. Doyle Award and honored Dick during the 2010 annual meeting in recognition of his outstanding dedication, customer service and professionalism to all in the transit industry. 

This award will be presented to individuals who have played a vital role in the public and/or private passenger transportation industry and have also contributed to the continued success of the NorthEast Passenger Transportation Association (NEPTA). Candidates must be nominated by the board of directors and present outstanding dedication, customer service and professionalism and must meet the following criteria:

Made a significant contribution to the transportation industry;

Served in the transportation industry in the northeast region;

Contributed to the success of NEPTA.

Congratulations to the following Richard H. Doyle Award recipients

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