Through the generous giving of individuals and companies during this year's golf tournament NEPTA is proud to announce this year's scholarship recipients. 


Congratulations to last year's recipients:

Elizabeth Silvestre, Rhode Island Public Transit Authority

Harley Pereira, Cape Ann Transportation Operating Company

Ryan Pereira, Cape Ann Transportation Operating Company

Victoria Steeves, DATTCO

Recipient Testimonials

"The application was emailed to all the staff at Connecticut Transit (NEPTA Member) and I decided to apply. I had adequate time to complete the scholarship application, put together my personal statement as well as request and receive recommendations on time. This program has helped me pay off some part of my tuition for my last semester (Spring 2019) in the Urban Planning and Public Policy doctoral program at the University of Texas at Arlington. This was a great relief and I cannot wait to graduate from the program.  I am currently working as a full-time transportation planner with Connecticut Transit (CT Transit) and also a full-time student. The scholarship program serves as a great opportunity for NEPTA member employees to continue to educate themselves in the industry. It is also a good chance for dependents of NEPTA member employees who are pursuing course studies in transit related fields to earn some monies to realize their dreams. NEPTA did a great job by clearly identifying the scholarship requirements.I am really grateful to the scholarship committee and NEPTA in general".  Frank Adarkwa 2018 Scholarship Recipient

Testimonials from past scholarship recipients.

"My dad's employer sponsored my application and with the help of the NEPTA scholarship I am able to continue my education. The application was relatively easy to complete, and the response was quick allowing me time to attend the annual dinner as well as time to apply my award to current semester. I really enjoyed the dinner and the award celebration, reminded me how proud I was to be able to continue my education with others who realized the importance as well. Thank you for the scholarship."

"I am so grateful for the NEPTA program’s generosity and support as I continue my journey towards graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting and an MBA, as well as becoming a licensed CPA. It means a lot to me to see organizations like NEPTA dedicate their time and money towards helping students with their education in the transit industry. It is such a humbling experience to receive a scholarship award. I hope to one day give back by being able to contribute towards scholarship funds to help the students of the future. As a scholarship recipient, I understand how beneficial and helpful it is to receive financial assistance when trying to pay for higher education."

"One thing that I think is phenomenal about the NEPTA Scholarship program is how efficient the program committee was in making decisions and notifying the award winners. It is very nice that they take the time to review the applications right away and let the applicants know if they have been selected or not. Even if you are not being selected for a scholarship award, it is still nice to hear back and know that your application was received and considered. I had no issues at all when dealing with the program committee, and I enjoyed my interaction with Carol Tally."

"Working for Plymouth and Brockton for some time, I often would hear about the scholarship every year by word of mouth but this year my boss knew I was struggling a little bit more on working and paying for my degree, so he strongly encouraged me to apply. The process was decently easy with an adequate amount of time to fill out the parts and get the necessary documents to complete the application. I am still currently attending school with the aid of the scholarship, and it made it easier to sign up for summer courses with less of a worry about my full-time schedule during the fall and spring to catch up on graduating. The committee has been very helpful in answering any questions I have and in responding to inquiries. I would often have to wait days to get answers for other committees, but not in this case, NEPTA responds in a timely manner. I appreciate everything NEPTA and the transportation industry has done for me. I can now apply what I learn from school to the real world of business and see the actually repercussions and reasons for my learning."

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